Sunday, January 22, 2012

Only in Oak Park

The Chicago Tribune reports that Oak Park officials have approved plans for a high-rise apartment building.  The village code would have permitted 97 apartment units with 373 parking spaces, but village trustees voted to allow 270 apartments with only 288 parking spaces, hoping that the higher density would result in decreased auto ownership.

That's right -- they approved a huge apartment building with woefully inadequate parking facilities, in a downtown area that's already crippled by a severe parking shortage, because it will be even harder for people to own cars.


  1. Amazing. I'm still trying to figure out why we pay $80/month to park on a quiet side street. No one I know even goes near Lake St/Harlem. If I'm going to put up with that mess; I'd go downtown Chicago.

  2. Now that's a shame because it means all the urban planning went to nothing. In the end, corporate greed still wins.