Monday, June 11, 2012

Oak Park's left-wing extremism causes car crashes

The Illinois Department of Transportation is proposing that the left-hand exits along the Eisenhower Expresssway through Oak Park be moved to the right-hand side, noting that left-hand exits have a much higher accident rate, reports today's Chicago Tribune. Unfortunately, IDOT plans to present the idea to Oak Park residents, who doubtless will shout it down, since Oak Park revels in its lefty eccentricities despite the burden they place on everyone else. Says one resident, "We're so liberal in Oak Park, we even exit on the left."


  1. Thick headed Oak Park residents just can not cooperate with anyone.
    Evanstonians and the late mayor Richard J Daley hated them.

  2. Thick headed as ever, Oak Parkians were disliked by the late mayor Richard J Daley and presently by we Evanstonians